A Day at the Shop

Whoever said motorsport is dead when it comes to Volkswagens certainly hasn’t been anywhere near Roswell, Georgia in the last few years. Just outside Atlanta this suburb is home to Wagenwerks Atlanta- not to be confused with Wagenwerks.net , the guys behind the cool online flicks and dvds. This Wagenwerks is owned and operated by one track junky by the name of Bryson Richards. While others in the recent past have been concerned with fitment and stance, Bryson has been busy worrying about grip, horsepower, and lap times as he has arduously built up his “Helios” MK2 Jetta into a true race proven weapon. The lap times from Road Atlanta and various other HPDEs don’t lie. Even better is the fact that this car sees daily duty and is still street driven on a regular basis.

While performance may take priority for Bryson, Wagenwerks is still primarily a collision repair facility – just with a minor in motorsport. Day to day you can find a large variety of cars at the shop needing more than a bit of cosmetic assistance. Custom paint and bodywork are not out of the ordinary either. If you can relay your vision Wagenwerks can sculpt it out of metal, fiberglass, or more commonly these days -carbon fiber. The list of vehicles that have graced the pages of magazines such as PVW, Eurotuner, S3 right down to our own Project Corrado is a testament to what Wagenwerks is capable of.

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